Saturday, August 30, 2014


We had a project meeting in a picturesque region of Czech Republic. We visited our partner school, Zakladni Skola, Litovel, famous for its fabulous beer and the nature. Fortunately, the weather mostly let us implement all the activities prepared by our Czech partners throughout the meeting.
We flew to Prague two days before the meeting and we have stayed in Botel Vodnik which is a boat hotel on the river. The botel ( boat hotel ) was not very luxurious but we enjoyed there very much. We walked two sides of Vltava river, we breathe the mystical atmosphere of the city. we had two half days to see the attractions. We had a chance to see almost all the attractions. After all, we took a train to Litovel. Our Czech friends welcomed us in the station. Apartmany Pekin has very friendly environment and cleanliness. In addition, the owners of the apartment is so generous and helpful. We felt very peaceful and safe by the great assistance and interest of our landlord. The school, the teachers and the students were all well-organized and the teacher shared all the work equally. Especially Mrs Petra was the leader who did a lot, during the meeting. The Mistress of the host school was also helpful. There were lots of project-related activities but the olympic with recycling materials and planting tree parts were the best of all. We had a trip to Olomouc and the Castle. We enjoyed the Renewable Energy House, too. Czech Republic was more than I expected.  

Thursday, August 28, 2014

TOGETHER FOR EUROPE - SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT is another Comenius Project I am organizing and co-ordinating at the same time. That is, I am on two European school projects together. This one is about environmental and ecologic issues and works internationally. This project is a very comprehensive and completely different project from the other one. I am doing my best to manage these two valuable works by the help of my colleagues. We are now five partners from four different countries; one from Germany, one from Czech Republic, two from England and our school. We have local activities besides international ones. We also have working trips to our European partners. We visited the German partners in Ulm in December, 2013 at first stage. The second visit was to Czech Partners in Litovel in May, 2014. We have improved and managed most of our goals. I will share our activities for this project hereinafter.


We have visited our Estonian partner in Kadrina, Rakvere in Estonia. It was one of my dreams to see this country because Ms. Eve Vunk from Estonia told me a lot of exciting things about this beautiful country. We went there 4 teachers and 6 students as Turkish Representatives. The students stayed at their peers' houses and we as teachers stayed in a guest house. It was not very attractive but normal for a small town like Kadrina. Especially the people of Kadrina were very friendly and helpful. Mr. Eve Vunk did the best welcoming us with the activities full of music. We cooked ourselves and enjoyed the time with our English, Italian and Polish partners. I mostly like the purity of the nature of the country. We had great time during the trips to Baltic Sea and Tallinn. We have very much enjoyed the atmosphere of Rakvere town. However I can tell you that the locals of Kadrina were unforgettable. Thanks to Eve who created a warm atmosphere for us in her town. I love Estonia.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


This photo is a summary of the first part of our Digital Firends Comenius Project activities. You can get an idea about the ongoing process of the project by giving a look at the photo.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


We celebrated 23rd April Children's Day at our School, Hanım Ömer Çağıran Primary School in Antalya. We had some guests from Cadencia Dance Club from Kadrina, Estonia where we have our Estonian Comenius Partner School, too. We have been honored by the participation of our Estonian friends in our celebration program. They performed an exciting Estonian Folkdance and all our students so much enjoyed it. They met each other and made contacts aiming the future friendship. It was a fruitful activity for strenghtening our partnership. Moreover it was such an efficacious meeting that our students and Estonians had a chance to learn something about each other's culture before the Comenius Meeting in Estonia in May.   

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